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Slash of the Sky Galleons

"Outsatnding Master Twig"

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This is a community is for anyone who loves the edge chronicles and loves slash. Have a fic? post it here. Want to disscus something? great - we would too!

As with all communal things though, they have rules, so here are a few simple things:

1. No flaming another person. You know what that means - critisism - if constructive is always wellcome
2. Keep it to slash and gen: so, for example, "I think Spleethe and cloudwolf are brothers" would be accepted, but "Maugin and twig should get together" Is simply out of place.
3. I think legality says that you have to be 18 years old, so if you're not 18, you're not suposed to be here. but how we can find out how old you are I have no idea.....

If you don't stick to these rules - especially the one about flaming - the evil rotsucker sohaliatalithawill come and get you. Got it? good.

And if you don't like slash, we don't want to know. kindly click the back button, and get yourself out of here, or attempt to broaden your mind and have a look... without making nasty comments.
beyond the deepwoods, blood oaks, cloudwolf, cowlquape, cowlquape pentephraxis, curse of the gloamglozer, deepwoods, edge chronicles, freeglader, gloamglozer, hemule spume, kobold the wize, leddix, linius pallitax, lufwood, magda, magda burlix, maris, midnight over sanctaphrax, mire, pentephraxis, quint, quintinius verginix, riverrise, rook barkwater, sanctaphrax, screetown, seftus leprix, sky pirates, sky ships, slash, slyvo spleethe, spleethe, stone gardens, stope boltjaw, stormchaser, the winter knights, twig, twilight woods, undertown, vox, windjackle, xanth filatine